About Us

The Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance is a partly Queensland government-funded network of Australian and Canadian academic, scientific, and clinical experts and scholars working in the area of prostate cancer.

We provide a framework to facilitate the advancement of discoveries, from high tech applications through to validation, preclinical proof of principle, and clinical evaluation.

The primary hub of the Aus-CanPCRA is led by the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre – Queensland, which is a collaboration between the Queensland University of Technology, and the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. A major Canadian collaborator is the Vancouver Prostate Centre. Members benefit from having access to world-wide resources and opportunities for work, study, research, and collaboration.

Anyone working in prostate cancer research is welcome to join the Aus-CanPCRA, and membership is free. This website lists member profiles, allows members to post jobs, news, and events, and provides an outlet for networking. If you would like to sign up, click here.

Paul Rennie, Rob Bristow, Scott Williams

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