History of the Alliance

The Prostate Cancer Collaborative Research Alliance (PCCRA) was recently transformed from the Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance (Aus-CanPCRA) that was founded in 2008.

The PCCRA consists of international researchers, predominantly from Australia and Canada, working in a variety of prostate cancer research-related areas, who can coordinate their energies to solve the problems facing prostate cancer. The PCCRA is headquartered in the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Queensland, co-located at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Translational Research Institute, in Brisbane, Australia.

The Aus-CanPCRA was created in order to facilitate access to national and international infrastructure to assist in the translation of a wide range of discoveries in Australia and Canada. It received initial core funding of $2 million from the Queensland Government Smart State National-International Research Alliance Program and was supported bi-nationally through Australia at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre – Queensland and in Canada at the Vancouver Prostate Centre.

Since 2008, the Aus-CanPCRA has hosted four Symposia at various locations across Queensland. With more than 120 attendees, these Symposia have attracted an increasingly international audience including delegates from North America, Europe and New Zealand.  The Alliance has been renamed to acknowledge its strengthening collaborations beyond Australia and Canada. There are currently over 270 Alliance members worldwide. Membership is free and offers a range of benefits.

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