History of the Aus-Can PC Alliance

The Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance was founded in 2008. It was created in order to faciliate access to national and international infrastructure to assist in the translation of a wide range of discoveries in Australia and Canada. In the same year, it received initial core funding of $2 million from the Queensland Smart State National-International Research Alliance Program.

The Aus-CanPCRA is made up of Australians and Canadians working in a variety of prostate cancer research-related areas, who can coordinate their energies to solve the problems facing prostate cancer. The primary hub of the Aus-CanPCRA is at thePrincess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane and is led by the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Queensland, while the Canadian hub is the Prostate Centre in Vancouver.

There are currently twenty eight initial clinical and scientific partner organisations of the Aus-CanPCRA, and nearly 200 members in Australia and Canada. Membership is free and offers a range of benefits, the main being access to international resources and opportunities.

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