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Yves Fradet B

2014 Stem Cell Symposium: IHBI QUT & TRI Conference for the Biology and Clinical Application of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Sep 10, 2014 to Sep 11, 2014

Translational Research Institute (TRI)

A host of international and national speakers will address the cellular and molecular biology of mesenchymal stem cells, mesenchymal stromal cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, bioengineering applications for stem cell therapies and the results of clinical trials using stem cells and their progenitors.

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2014 UICC World Cancer Congress

Dec 03, 2014 to Dec 06, 2014

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center

The 2014 World Cancer Congress (Melbourne, Australia) theme Joining Forces - Accelerating Progress will emphasise the impact that can be realised by consistently and energetically applying what we know, rather than waiting for possible future "breakthroughs" to change the landscape. This will be discussed across a variety of economic and cultural contexts.

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Prostate Cancer World Congress 2015

Aug 18, 2015 to Aug 21, 2015

Cairns Convention Centre, Australia

Bringing together world leaders presenting their expertise and current research on all areas of prostate cancer. Incorporating the 18th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference.

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