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Membership of the Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance is free, and is open to anyone involved in prostate cancer research. You can join as an individual, and organisations can join too.

Member Benefits

  • Advertise opportunities. Post (and where possible, apply) for jobs, scholarships, exchanges, funding, and other collaborative and educational opportunities.

  • Inform others. By keeping your profile publically accessible and updated, you can be confident that any networking opportunities are maximised.

  • Collaborate with other members. You'll be able to search other Aus-CanPCRA member profiles to see who has similar research interest areas. The final Aus-CanPCRA site will allow you to contact them directly, and easily interact via groups, message boards, and file sharing.

  • Keep informed. Read about the latest news headlines in the prostate cancer research industry, or see if there are any events happening in your area.

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If you are an individual who works in prostate cancer research or an organisation and would like to join the Aus-CanPCRA, please sign up here. Your profile will be approved within four working days, and you'll be able to start posting items and contacting members.


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