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Dr Jehonathan Pinthus


  • Associate Professor, Surgery/Urology, McMaster University
  • Affiliate, Juravinski Cancer Center - Hamilton
  • Affiliate, Department of Oncology , McMaster University


Dr Pinthus is a surgeon scientist in the Department of Surgery/ Urology at McMaster University. His clinical interests in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer involve prostate cancer screening, TRUS-guided prostate biopsy (including saturation biopsies), active surveillance with delayed intervention, radical prostatectomy and hormonal therapy. Dr Pinthus dedicates 50% of his time to basic research. His focus is to understand the role of  inherent biological profile of patients (such as obesity with its endocrinopathy, systemic oxidative stress) on their tumour progression and response to therapy.


cancer cell metabolism, cancer progression, metastases, oxidative stress adiponectin, exogenous factors.

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