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Ms Ashlee Clark

Ms Ashlee Clark


  • PhD Student, Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, Monash University


  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) at Monash University


Ms Clark is a third year PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor Gail Risbridger and Dr Renea Taylor at Monash University.

Her current research looks at prostate cancer cells that are able to survive after castration. The aims of her research are to characterise these cells using a xenografting model of human prostate cancer and to further understand how they differ from the tumour bulk.

Best publications:

1. Clark, A.K., Taubenberger, A.V., Taylor, R.A et al. A bioengineered microenvironment to quantitatively measure the tumorigenic properties of cancer-associated fibroblasts in human prostate cancer. Biomaterials 2013, 34 (20) pp 4777-4785.

Stromal-epithelial interactions, CRPC, Models.

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