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Vancouver Prostate Centre

Vancouver Prostate Centre



Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The mission of the Vancouver Prostate Centre is to foster the paradigm of team-driven translational health research to discover molecular mechanisms of cancer progression and therapeutic resistance, and to use this information to develop new services and products that reduce suffering, improve survival for patients with cancer and promote regional growth of biotechnology.

Based on the Vancouver General Hospital (Vancouver Acute) campus in Vancouver, BC, Canada, our host institutions are the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. The Vancouver Prostate Centre houses PC-TRIADD; more info on PC-TRIADD is available on its organizational profile on this website.

Our expertise, resources and technologies cover the spectrum of drug and biomarker development, including a Microarray facility, applied genomics, pre-clinical pharmacology and clinical trials. See for further details.

Research keywords and interests:

behaviour, cancer initiation, cancer progression, chemoprevention, education, endogenous factors, exogenous factors, localized therapies, model systems, nutrition, surveillance, systemic therapies.

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