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Professor Colleen Nelson

Professor Colleen Nelson


  • Director, Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance
  • Director, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland
  • Professor and Chair, Prostate Cancer Research, Queensland University of Technology., Institute of Health and Biomedical Science
  • Associate Professor, Department of Urologic Sciences
  • Chair, Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Initiative



Prof Nelson is the founding Executive Director of the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre -Queensland, and Chair of Prostate Cancer Research at Queensland University of Technology.  She is also Director of the Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance. 

Prior to her appointment in Australia, she was a founding scientist of The Prostate Centre in Vancouver.  Since arriving in Australia in 2007, Prof Nelson has been awarded >$13 million in research grants.  In 2009, she was awarded the prestigious Queensland Smart State Premier’s Fellowship.  

Prof Nelson’s expertise is in translational prostate cancer research, specifically in identification of potential therapeutic targets, their in vitro and in vivo validation, validation through molecular pathology approaches, and their translation into potential clinical application. 

These outcomes are derived from her expertise in high-throughput applications in gene (protein coding and non-coding) and tissue expression profiling, gene regulation, next gen sequencing applications, and bioinformatics. She is particularly interested in characterizing responses to androgen deprivation therapy and progression to castrate resistance and endocrine action of steroid hormones and insulin and insulin-related hormones.  

androgen deprivation therapy, androgen independence, gene expression, high throughput screening, metabolic syndrome, prostate cancer.

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