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Dr Erik Wibowo

Dr Erik Wibowo


  • Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, University of Otago


  • PhD




Research interests: androgen deprivation therapy, quality of life, sexuality, prostate cancer, sleep

Best publications:

Wibowo E, Pollock PA, Hollis N, Wassersug RJ. 2016. Tamoxifen in men: a review of adverse events. Andrology 4(5):776-788.


Wibowo E, Wassersug RJ. 2015. Prolonged androgen deprivation may influence the autoregulation of estrogen receptors in the brain and pelvic floor muscles of male rats. Behav Brain Res 286:128-135


Wibowo E, Wassersug RJ. 2013. The effect of estrogen on the sexual interest of castrated males: Implications to prostate cancer patients on androgen-deprivation therapy. Crit Rev Oncol Hematol 87(3):224-238.


Wibowo E, Wassersug RJ. 2013. Does the timing of estrogen administration after castration affect its ability to preserve sexual interest in male rats? - Exploring the critical period hypothesis. Physiol Behav 110-111C:63-72.


Wibowo E, Deurveilher S, Wassersug RJ, Semba K. 2012. Estradiol treatment modulates spontaneous sleep and recovery after sleep deprivation in castrated male rats. Behav Brain Res 226(2):456-464.


Wibowo E, Schellhammer PF, Wassersug RJ. 2011. Role of estrogen in normal male function: clinical implications for patients with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation therapy. J Urol 185(1):17-23.

quality of life, sexuality, survivorship.

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