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Dr Geoff Hicks

Dr Geoff Hicks


  • Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Medical Genetics, University of Manitoba
  • Senior Investigator, Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology
  • Director, Regenerative Medicine Program
  • Director, Mammalian Functional Genomics Centre


Dr Geoff Hicks is a Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomics and is the Director of the Mammalian Functional Genomics Centre, a centre in the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology , a joint institute between CancerCare Manitoba and the University of Manitoba, and the Genetics Modeling Centre in the University of Manitoba. He is currently leading the North American Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Project (NorCOMM), the Canadian component of The International Knockout Mouse Project. Dr Hicks and his team are working with other scientists from around the world to create knockout mice lines for each of the approximate 20 000 mouse genes.

Most recently, Dr Hicks has been appointed Director of the Regenerative Medicine Program in the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Medicine. The eight Principal Investigators of the program will focus on stem cell-based applications for the treatment of human disease, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and spinal cord injury repair. Dr Hicks’ research program focuses on the functional analysis of genetic determinants of cancer and leukemia.  His research team is currently examining the related RNA binding proteins, TLS and EWS, to identify the transforming potential of these genes in acute myelogenous leukemia and Ewing sarcoma, respectively. Taking advantage of the high-throughput gene targeting platform he has developed, he welcomes all opportunities to develop novel cancer and disease focused mouse models.
Current areas of collaboration: gene targeting in ES cells, including knockout, knockin, conditional, reporter fusions and humanized alleles; fee-for-service and collaborative options, as appropriate, available.

Work Focus:

  • Work Focus (Biomedical): bioinformatics

DNA damage response, Ewing sarcoma, alterations in chromosomes, cancer genetics, genes/genetic polymorphisms, mouse models of cancer, normal functioning, oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes, scientific model systems, technology development, TLS, EWS, RNA binding proteins.

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