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Ernest W Ramsey Manitoba Prostate Centre

Ernest W Ramsey Manitoba Prostate Centre



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


The Centre is the provincial centre for prostate disease located at CancerCare Manitoba. It aims to coordinate timely access to a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals for men with both benign and malignant prostate disease. This includes clinical nurse specialists, psychosocial clinician, registered dietician and oncology clinicians and surgeons.  The Centre gives assessment, diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner and provides evidence based care.   Education and supportive care is available to all patients and their families. Research is important aspect of the Centre where new knowledge is applied to new treatments for prostate cancer patients. The Centre provides clinical trials, supportive care research, populations based studies and the opportunity for patients to bank their biological tissues for future research efforts through the Manitoba Tumor Bank.

Work Focus:

  • Work Focus (Biomedical): health economics
  • Work Focus (Clinical): clinical administration

Research keywords and interests:

education, etiology, localized therapies, nutrition, patient care, prognosis, survivorship.


prostate cancer treatment.

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