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Ms Karen Bremner


  • Research Associate, Clinical Decision-Making Health Care, University Health Network, Toronto General Hospital
  • Collaborator, Toronto Health Economics Technology Assessment Collaborative (THETA)


Karen Bremner, BSc, is a Research Associate in Clinical Decision Making and Health Care at the Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network). Her recent interests have been in the area of health-related quality of life and utility assessment in prostate cancer patients, and she has played an integral role in the development of the PORPUS, a prostate cancer-specific utility instrument. Previous research includes a study to develop a clinical policy model for prostate cancer, using administrative and patient-reported data to estimate costs and utilities. Currently underway is a study measuring patterns of care, life time costs and the cost-effectiveness of androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer patients.

Current Areas of Collaboration: utility; androgen deprivation therapy; healthcare costs.

Work Focus:

  • Work Focus (Professional): health services/systems

androgen deprivation therapy, cost analysis, healthcare delivery, quality of life, survivorship, utility.

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