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Ms Natalie Venier


  • Graduate Student, Department of Urology, University of Toronto
  • Active Surveillance (ASURE) Prostate Cancer Group Committee Member, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, University of Toronto
  • Site Director - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Institute of Medical Science's Students Association
  • Research Administration Summer Studentship Committee, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


>Ms Venier is a graduate student at the Institute of Medical Science (IMS), University of Toronto, where she holds the Institute of Medical Sciences Graduate Student Entrance Award. Her research is conducted at the at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where she has the privilege of working under the supervision of Dr Vasundara Venkateswaran and Dr Laurence Klotz, a world-calibre researcher and clinician respectively, in the field of the prostate cancer prevention.

Ms Venier has chosen to study the field of prostate cancer prevention because she believes that much of the morbidity and mortality of this disease is avoidable.  Particularly, she is fascinated to study how diet and lifestyle factors may alter the development and progression of prostate cancer.

She has been training in the prostate cancer prevention laboratory for the past two years (summer undergraduate student and Master’s student). During the course of these years in research she has collected a substantial amount of data which has contributed to her 10 presentations and 18 abstracts both at local (Robson day, IMS, Gallie day), national (CUA), and international meetings (AACR, EAU and AUA) and three peer-reviewed articles (two manuscripts and one review article). In addition she has won the first place twice at the annual Robson-Urology Research presentation days in 2009 and 2010.

It is with her passion and motivation for research that she hopes to reclassify into a doctorial (PhD) program in Jan 2011.

Current areas of collaboration: Diet and prostate cancer prevention; active surveillance.

chemoprevention, model systems, mouse models of cancer.

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