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Dr Scott Williams

Dr Scott Williams


  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Uro-Oncology Service, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre



Scott Williams is a consultant Radiation Oncologist with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Uro-Oncology service in Melbourne. He has a special interest practice of prostate cancer that is either high-risk or recurrent following surgery. His long-term research interest in prostate cancer radiobiology, PSA dynamics and advanced statistical modelling formed the core of his doctoral thesis. Integral to this was his invited participation in the revision of the definition of biochemical failure after radiotherapy. Ongoing interests relate to projects in prostate brachytherapy, the implementation of technological advances, functional imaging, bioinformatics and translational biology research. He has numerous peer-reviewed and invited publications, sits on a number of national research and advisory committees, and maintains a regular presence at international scientific conferences. Scott is a lead investigator the TROG RAVES randomised study examining radiotherapy after prostatectomy, and runs the local arm of the US-based RTOG randomised adjuvant chemotherapy study for men with aggressive prostate cancer.

bioinformatics, brachytherapy, imaging.

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