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Dr Jeremy Squire

Dr Jeremy Squire


  • Research Chair in Molecular Pathology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine, Queen's University
  • Professor Pathology & Molecular Medicine, Pathology & Molecular Medicine, Queen's University
  • Director NCIC Clinical Trials Group, Cancer Biology & Genetics, Queen's University
  • Affiliate, ingston General Hospital
  • Affiliate, NCIC Clinical Trials Group
  • Affiliate, University of Toronto
  • Affiliate, Hospital for Sick Children



Current areas of collaboration: miRNA in melanoma; chromosome 3 genes in ovarian epithelial cancer.

alterations in chromosomes, cancer initiation, chemoprevention, circulating tumor markers, endogenous factors, exogenous factors, genes/genetic polymorphisms, model systems, prostate cancer, surveillance, systemic therapies, technology development, translational research, oncogenomics, cytogenetics, chemoresistance, osteosarcoma.

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