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Professor Yves Fradet

Professor Yves Fradet


  • Full Professor, Surgery/Urology, Laval University Quebec
  • Chair, Scientific Comittee of Prostate Cancer Canada
  • Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of Board, DiagnoCure Inc (PCA3 test)
  • Head of Uro-Oncology Laboratory, Cancer Research Centre



Research biography: Translational laboratory research in tumour immunology; molecular biology of bladder and prostate cancer, and its applications to new diagnostics and treatments; epidemiological studies in bladder and prostate cancers; and clinical trials in prostate cancer, and other genitourinary cancers.

chemoprevention, clinical, diagnosis, endogenous factors, genes/genetic polymorphisms, localized therapies, marker discovery, model systems, normal functioning, nutrition, oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes, prognosis, surveillance, systemic therapies, vaccines.

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